Creating Opportunities for a Greater Mindset at Every Age

Creating a healthy mindset is crucial to a successful and happy life. Science has proven that consistent mindful meditation develops neuropathways in the brain and transforms the brain in wonderful and amazing ways. In mindful meditation “Happy Hormones” such as serotonin and dopamine are released creating a euphoric feeling of joy and calm within the body. Meditation also enhances memory and focus, the immune response is enhanced and anxiety and depression is significantly lessened. The amygdala grows with continued meditation making you kinder, empathetic and more compassionate.

The overall results of consistent meditation: A healthy and happy person – everyone’s goal!

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Fostering a Mindset of Generosity

Teaching the joy of giving, community and impact is a wonderful gift to receive. Choose among our many causes or email us and we’ll be glad to add it for you. Give as a community and watch your campaign amount grow. Connect through a subject such as Science in our one of our climate change campaigns or Social Studies and give as a community to fight human trafficking. Use the World Map to find a cause your students would be excited to participate in.

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Fundraising ideas, articles, and lesson plans to encourage empathy and compassion within your students.

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Teach your students to become young humanitarians and join hundreds of others in changing our world for the better. Incorporate global giving into your classroom lessons by using the World Map or as a global awareness tool.

Fundraising ideas, articles, and lesson plans to encourage empathy and compassion within your students.

Lean Into Love

Lean into love by helping change another’s life or by improving our world. Sponsor a need and open a Community Room campaign or search our many causes and donate to one that speaks to your heart. Your generosity is truly appreciated.