Go Empathy is all about developing young humanitarians. Science has proven that a consistent meditation practice changes the amygdala portion of the brain and helps to develop greater compassion and empathy. As well, it helps with focus, memory, anxiety, depression and stress. We are about bringing you resources to assist you in making the most wonderful humans possible.

I have taught for over 20 years and I have taught mindful meditation in my class for nearly 10 and without a doubt I have seen it make a huge difference with my students. They learn to reduce their stress levels, they acquire the tools to control their emotions and adopt coping mechanisms and they truly enjoy the peace it brings. Check out the resources we have for you.

Teaching Meditation in the Classroom


This simple video I’ve created discusses the benefits of mindful meditation. It also teaches you proper breath and posture. Included is a simple meditation to get instant buy-in by students from Pre-K through high school. It’s an easy meditation for you to guide even if you’ve never led meditation before or don’t meditate yourself. I’ve made it super easy to bring this incredibly effective tool into your curriculum. Try it!


Introduce mindful meditation to your students! In this course I share 11 meditations that I have used in the classroom and teach you, the teacher or parent, how to guide these meditations. I also discuss the benefits of each, meditation goals, how to help your students conquer their thoughts, breathing and posture. I also include lots of Tips and Tricks and Do’s and Don’ts to make teaching each meditation in the classroom a breeze. This course also includes some resources and lesson ideas to further connect your students to mindful meditation.

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Not quite comfortable leading meditation yet? Let me do that for you. In this Expansion Pack I have the 10 meditations in the Mindful Meditation Course for both lower and upper grades which is a total of 20 meditations. If one year you are teaching 4th grade and they move you to 7th – you’ll have both meditations in your back pocket.