by Lori Barnum

It’s time to fund raise! Where do you start and how can you reach as many donors as possible? In today’s world there is a myriad of ways to get the word out. Whether you are a president of the PTA or a club leader on campus – utilizing what is at your fingertips is crucial.

Let’s begin. Understanding your customer is extremely important. The person you are marketing to is the parent. What do we know about parents? Parents want the best for their children. They are dedicated and, if it benefits their child, they are in! Like a parent I personally love to donate and participate financially as long as I know it is going for a good cause. I want to know that my hard-earned money has purpose. Often as a donor I write a check or give cash hoping it will actually get into the hands of the people we want to help. For me, it’s important I know how my money is going to be used and I believe everyone else feels the same.

So, with that in mind…

  1. Let your donors know EXACTLY how their money will be used. Whether it is by video, text, by email or on a website – be clear. Be sure to use that money as you specified. If things change and you no longer need an electronic sign but need to purchase applications for teachers, let your donors know. This creates trust and in the future that honesty pays off for future donations.
  2. Decide on a campaign beginning and end date.
  3. Utilize websites like to create a video explaining your needs and share the campaign URL with your parents/donors                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           (use this list and check off each as you go).
  • You can post this URL on your school or club website
  • Send the link to your parents in an email. Also, encourage your parents to forward their email to grandparents or others they think would want to participate.
  • Send the URL through a text
  • Provide the URL through Classroom Dojo, Google Classroom or other application
  • Post the URL on the ASB/Student Body forum/page
  • Advise of the campaign through announcements – via speaker or electronic sign
  • Notify through any other form of electronic communication you or your school has with your parents or donors such as a phone dialer. A message from your principal is very powerful!
  • It is very important to let them know that ANY donation large or small is greatly appreciated.

 Add the link to all communication so it is super easy to simply click into your campaign room.

  • Go “old” school. We are overwhelmed with emails and messages. Try simply sending a flyer home. Encourage the students to get the flyers into their parents hands. As you distribute them to their teachers, add a note asking the teachers to tell the students that this flyer is important because it directly affects them.
  • Posters with clear requests at drop off, pick-up, at your door or in the office. Concise is important. “Financial Donations needed for our Campus” and provide a list of items you will be using their money for with the website address.
  • Have students holding posters at drop off and pick up with the website address or a jar for “car change.” Every little bit matters!
  • Ask Community Groups (Lions, Kiwanis, Veterans, Women’s Groups) if you can post on their websites or bulletin boards of your campaign.
  • Check with your local government. Some towns have a website for public announcements.

Remember – don’t stick with just one form of communication. Use them all! It may feel repetitive but it will get the word out and it’s surprising how much we miss!

Hope this helps!

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